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Titanium S-Band Worm-Drive Hose Clip

The use of Titanium in the manufacture of this clip, together with the innovative design of the housing and the 12mm bandwidth mean that the Titanium clip gives superlative comparative results in weight, performance and corrosion resistance, not just compared with the rest of the Mikalor worm-drive range, but with worldwide competition included. We can supply all dimensions from 16-27 up to 220-240 thanks to the revolutionary manufacturing process. Due to the combination of its extraordinary low weight, increased pressure values and corrosion re s i s t a n c e , t h i s c l i p i s recommended for use in competition engines, whether they are on land, in the sea or in aircraft. Each Titanium clip is subject to individual quality control using automatic control systems to ensure that all parameters function to perfection. Titanium clips are hand-packed in boxes of 4 units per diameter, which include an instruction manual and technical specification sheet. This clip conforms to all EU norms and directives. We can truthfully say that we believe the Titanium clip to be the world’s finest hose clip.